Zume Games

Zume Games Flying Dizk Floats

SKU: OD0002W

$14.99 $17.99
  • VERSATILE - Flexible, great-grip disc floats, flies and flexes
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Non-traditional disc with unique soft foam design
  • PLAY YOUR WAY - Center hole creates more ways to catch
  • TAKE IT IN THE POOL - Floats in water with closed cell foam
  • GREAT FOR KIDS - Suitable for ages 6+

Product Overview

Zume Games Dizk - The Dizk from Zume Games offers a new take on the classic flying disc. The Dizk's unique design with a center hole creates more ways to catch. - Soft Material for Easier Catching - The innovative material of the Dizk is softer than a traditional Frisbee, making it easy to catch for kids, while still being incredibly durable. - Excellent Grip and Flexible - The Dizk is also flexible, making it more comfortable to catch and less dangerous for small children. The Dizk also has a custom designed texture for outstanding grip. - Water Resistant - The Dizk is made of closed cell foam which resists water, allowing the Dizk to float. This makes the Dizk the perfect toy for the beach or lake. - The Dizk comes in green and red and is suitable for ages 6 and up.
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