Unicorn Tungsten Dart Set

SKU: D71850

$31.98 $44.99
  • TUNGSTEN BARREL - The tungsten barrel allows for a heavier weight dart while enabling a slimmer barrel and tighter groupings compared to other metals.
  • GRIPPER SHAFTS - Molded shafts are designed for easy flight load, super lock flight hold, and have spring compression for safety
  • FLIGHTS - Polyester flights for balanced trajectory
  • COMPATIBLE - Perfect for well-trained players or beginners just getting their feet wet
  • INCLUDED - Hard, slim case for easy transport, and eight flight protectors.

Product Overview

Featuring a tungsten barrel, these darts allow for a heavier weight while maintaining a slimmer profile, resulting in tighter groupings compared to other metals. The molded gripper shafts ensure easy flight loading, secure flight hold, and safety with spring compression features. Polyester flights provide a balanced trajectory, suitable for both well-trained players and beginners. The set comes with a hard, slim case for convenient transport and eight flight protectors to ensure the durability of your flights, making it an ideal choice for dart enthusiasts at any skill level.
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