Unicorn Synergy Electronic Dartboard

SKU: D77035W

$47.98 $59.99
  • GAME MODES - 29 games featuring 90 different game variations
  • VIRTUAL OPPONENT - Play against the computer and climb the ranks
  • TOURNAMENT TARGET AREA - 15.5" target area for official gameplay
  • HECKLER FEATURES - Spice up your game with playful banter and taunts from the heckler feature
  • INCLUDED - 6 recreational soft tips darts and replacement tips

Product Overview

With an extensive selection of 29 games boasting 90 different variations, this dartboard offers endless entertainment options for players of all levels. Engage in exciting solo matches against the virtual opponent and challenge yourself to climb the ranks. The tournament target area, spanning 15.5 inches, ensures official gameplay standards are met, enhancing the authenticity of your darting experience. Spice up your games with playful banter and taunts from the heckler feature, adding an extra layer of fun and competition. The set comes complete with 6 recreational soft tip darts and replacement tips, providing everything you need to start enjoying your darting adventures right away.
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