Unicorn ST20 Steel Tip Dart Set

SKU: D72003

$7.98 $13.99
  • PERFORMANCE BARREL - 17g Black-plated barrel featuring round grooves for various grip options
  • GRIPPER SHAFTS - Molded shafts are designed for easy flight load, super lock flight hold, and have spring compression for safety
  • FLIGHTS - Polyester flights for balanced trajectory
  • INCLUDED: Unicorn dart wallet for easy transport

Product Overview

The performance-focused dart set boasts a 17g black-plated barrel with round grooves, offering players various grip options for optimal control and accuracy. Complementing the barrel are gripper shafts designed for effortless flight loading, secure flight hold, and enhanced safety with spring compression features. Polyester flights ensure a balanced trajectory, further refining your darting precision. For added convenience, the set includes a Unicorn dart wallet, facilitating easy transport of your gear wherever your darting adventures take you. With this meticulously crafted combination of components, you're primed to elevate your dart game to new heights.
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