Unicorn Orb 360 LED Surround

SKU: D79000W

$34.98 $59.99
  • TOURNAMENT LIGHTING - Enjoy tournament style game play with dedicated dartboard lighting
  • NO SHADOW PLAY - 360 degrees of bright LED lighting prevents shadows
  • OFFICIAL SIZE - Designed to fit traditional 18" bristle dartboards
  • NO-HASSLE ASSEMBLY - Easy assembly - attaches together in minutes

Product Overview

Experience tournament-style gameplay with dedicated dartboard lighting, ensuring optimal visibility and ambiance for your matches. With 360 degrees of bright LED lighting, shadows are eliminated, providing consistent illumination across the dartboard surface. Designed to accommodate traditional 18" bristle dartboards, this lighting system maintains official size standards for competitive play. Enjoy hassle-free assembly, as the components easily attach together in minutes, allowing you to focus on the game rather than setup logistics. With this lighting solution, you can create the perfect darting environment in your home or venue, enhancing the overall experience for players and spectators alike.
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