Unicorn ELX100 Electronic Dartboard

SKU: D4411

$24.98 $39.99
  • GAME MODES - 30 games featuring 174 different game variations
  • VIRTUAL OPPONENT - Play against the computer and climb the ranks
  • IN-GAME SOUND EFFECTS - Voice and sound effects for more immersive play
  • SCORING: LCD display with dedicated cricket scoring bar
  • INCLUDED - 6 basic nylon tip darts and nylon tip replacements

Product Overview

The ELX100 electronic dartboard offers a wide selection of 30 games featuring 174 different variations, providing endless entertainment options for players of all skill levels. Challenge yourself against a virtual opponent and climb the ranks with engaging gameplay. Enjoy immersive play with in-game voice and sound effects that enhance the gaming experience. The LCD display with a dedicated cricket scoring bar ensures clear and accurate scoring information at all times. Additionally, the set includes 6 basic nylon tip darts and nylon tip replacements, ensuring you have everything you need to start playing right away.
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