Eclipse Ultra Bristle Dartboard

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$109.99 $139.99
  • ULTRA SPIDER - 33% less embedded spider in doubles and trebles for higher scoring and less reject darts in critical areas
  • ULTRA-VIS NUMBER RING - For additional clarity and focus during gameplay
  • ULTRA SISAL - Upgraded processing and finishing for improved recovery and durability
  • ULTRA BULLSEYE - 33% less embedded bullseye and strategic orientation for higher 50/25 hit ratio
  • UNILOCK - Innovative board locking system eliminates wobbling on uneven wall surfaces

Product Overview

Introducing the Unicorn Eclipse Ultra dartboard, engineered with cutting-edge features to elevate your dart game to the next level. The Ultra Spider design reduces dart bounce-outs with 33% less embedded spider in doubles and trebles, ensuring higher scoring and less frustration during critical throws. An Ultra-Vis Number Ring enhances clarity and focus, making scoring easier and more precise. The Ultra Sisal material undergoes advanced processing for improved recovery and durability, allowing the board to maintain its pristine condition over countless games. The Ultra Bullseye features strategic positioning with 33% less embedding, promoting a higher hit ratio on the 50/25 targets. Plus, the UniLock system secures the board firmly to any wall surface, eliminating wobbling even on uneven walls. Elevate your dart-playing experience with the Unicorn Eclipse Ultra, where precision meets innovation for unparalleled performance and enjoyment.

Unicorn Eclipse Ultra

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