Unicorn Contender Bristle Dartboard

SKU: D76016W

$27.98 $29.99
  • OFFICIAL SIZE - Regulation 18" x 1.5" bristle board
  • NUMBER RING - Rotatable metal number ring prolongs the life of the dartboard
  • SISAL BOARD - Made with self-healing sisal for added longevity
  • DIVIDER WIRES - Round metal divider wires for reduced bounce-outs and staple-free bullseye

Product Overview

This official size Contender bristle board is crafted to tournament standards, providing an authentic darting experience. Its rotatable metal number ring enhances durability, prolonging the lifespan of the dartboard. Constructed with self-healing sisal, this board ensures longevity by minimizing wear and tear from repeated dart impacts. The inclusion of round metal divider wires reduces bounce-outs and ensures a staple-free bullseye, enhancing the overall playing experience. With these premium features, this dartboard is a reliable choice for both casual and competitive players seeking quality and performance.

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