Triumph Giant Tumble Tower

SKU: 35-7176-3

$79.99 $109.99
  • Large natural solid wood game pieces for outdoor play
  • Try to remove the blocks without making the tower tumble
  • 51 solid wood tumble blocks measure 7.8" L x 2" W x 2" H
  • Easily store and transport the set in the heavy-duty carry bag
  • Play on teams or one-on-one at parties, tailgating, or backyard fun

Product Overview

Stack the blocks as high as you can before watching the tower come tumbling down. The Triumph Competition Tumble Game takes a classic to a whole new level! This giant outdoor game challenges players to remove blocks from a tower in hopes of keeping the structure standing and stable. Triumph Competition Tumble is a great game for families, parties, and lazy days in the backyard. The set includes an official Triumph Tumble durable carry case for easy portability and safe storage. The Tumble Game contains a total of 51 pieces, each 7.8" L x 2" W x 2" H. Each block is made out of all natural wood.
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