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Steady Eddy Trainer Water Skis

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$149.99 $179.99
  • RIM constructed for a stiffer, lighter ski · Unique two handle system allows for skier to hold one handle and the trainer to hold the other allowing for gentle falls while learning
  • Rigid cross bar to keep skis aligned · Double density adjustable slide bindings
  • 46" x 7" x 1" (117cm x 18cm x 2.54cm)
  • RIM Molded PU and plastic laminate top
  • Fiberglass rods for reinforcement · For riders over 25 lbs. (11 Kg)

Product Overview

RAVE's Kid's Trainer Water Skis feature a wide design and stabilizer bar that make learning to ski easy and ensure control. Includes a unique, two handle system that allows for the skier to hold one handle while the instructor pulls from the boat end assuring safety and confidence in the new skier. The double density adjustable slide binding is soft on the inside for comfort, but stiffer on the outside for ankle support. 46” long. For riders 50-90 lbs. Constructed of RIM molded PU with a plastic laminate top and Fiberglass rods for reinforcement. Constructed of RIM molded PU with a plastic laminate top and Fiberglass rods for reinforcement. With the Steady Eddy Trainer Combo Water Skis, you area€™t just getting a pair of skis --- you€™re getting a water ski training tool. Designed for young skiers weighing less than 100 pounds, the Steady Eddy takes the fear out of water skiing and adds in lots of fun! At 46” long (117 cm), these combo skis are the perfect size for young skiers to feel confident and comfortable on top of the water. Designed with a wide body and a center bottom ridge, these skis provide plenty of stability and control. Included with the Steady Eddy Trainer Combo Water Skis are a stabilizer bar at the front of the skis and a rear strap that keep the skis together and steady for building skills and confidence. Also included is a long training rope that connects to the top stabilizer bar with a handle that an adult observer / teacher holds onto in the boat, with a shorter rope with a handle that the skier holds onto. This system allows the observer to drop the rope if the skier falls to prevent learning skiers from getting dragged (a common mistake for beginner skiers is to forget to let go of the rope when they fall). The Steady Eddy€™s comfortable and soft bindings are adjustable for a secure fit for young feet. Recommended with these skis is the RAVE Sports Aqua Buddy inflatable water ski trainer (sold separately here). The Steady Eddy Trainer Combo Skis and the Aqua Buddy have matching fun graphics designed for younger skiers, and together make the ultimate water ski training system.
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