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Shuffleboard Bowling Kit


  • STARTER KIT – Essentials needed for your next shuffleboard or bowling game
  • REGULATION PUCKS - (8) shuffleboard pucks (4 Black, 4 Silver) for smooth and consistent gliding
  • TWO GAMES IN ONE: Enjoy the strategic play of shuffleboard and the thrill of bowling, all in one versatile kit
  • BOWLING GAME - 10 plastic pins, wooden pin setter, and protective wall for mini bowling
  • ALL AGES - Perfect for family game nights, parties, or casual play with friends

Product Overview

Experience the ultimate blend of classic shuffleboard and bowling fun with our Shuffleboard Bowling Kit! This starter set includes everything you need to get the game going: 8 shuffleboard pucks (4 black, 4 silver) for smooth and consistent gliding, 10 plastic pins with a protective wall for exciting mini bowling, a wooden pin setter for perfect alignment, and a rail protector to safeguard your table. Perfect for family game nights, office gatherings, or casual play with friends, this versatile and portable kit promises endless entertainment for all ages.
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