Carbon Fusion Table Tennis Racket

SKU: T1295

$49.98 $69.99
  • Play with the same racket as the pros with the innovative Carbon Fusion
  • 7-ply (5 + 2 Carbon) blade offers quicker response for improved speed and power
  • Inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball
  • Concave Italian composite handle for better racket control
  • Maxx Rubber 2.0mm sponge enhances speed and spin

Product Overview

Ping-Pong® has created the perfect blend of originality with innovative technology in the Carbon Fusion Racket. Matching walnut hardwood, carbon, ultra-light ShoxTube, and Crystal Technology PowerBalance, the Carbon Fusion allows you to experience the same quality of power found in rackets of the top players around the world. The Carbon Fusion is perfect for the powerful varied offensive player who wants unrivaled levels of power and feeling in their game.
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