Maverick Pickleball Paddle

SKU: KZ6001-BLUV2-2

  • IDEAL PADDLE SHAPE – Oversized paddle shape creates wider hitting surface perfect paddle for beginner players
  • LARGE SWEET SPOT – Larger sweet spot and edge guard to protect the core of the paddle
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Extremely lightweight Poly-Fiber makes the paddle fast and mobile
  • HONEYCOMB CORE – Polypropylene honeycomb core provides excellent paddle control
  • PADDLE DIMENSIONS – 15.5" L x 7.8" W x 1.5" H; Light-Weight 7.5-7.8 oz.
Color: Blue

Product Overview

Learn to play the fast-growing sport of pickleball with the ONIX Maverick. The oversized shape creates a wider hitting surface and larger sweet spot, making this paddle great for beginner players. The polypropylene honeycomb core delivers the outstanding feel of this paddle, but also offers a good balance of all the desirable play characteristics such as excellent pop from the baseline. The poly core and Poly-Fiber face also contributes to the lightweight playability of the paddle with a total weight of only 7.5 – 7.8 ounces. The paddle's edge guard protects the core of the paddle and prevents chipping. All skill levels can enjoy playing pickleball with the ONIX Maverick.

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