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Supabull2 Bristle Dartboard

SKU: ND300

  • Entry-level bristle dart board endorsed by the American Dart Organization
  • Staple-free bullseye for maximum scoring; self-healing sisal fiber construction
  • Movable number ring prolongs board life; round, stapled metal spider
  • Equipped with easy-turn steel numbers; ideal for beginning or recreational players
  • Measures 17.75" in diameter and 1.5" thick; 1-year warranty

Product Overview

Nodor - the First and Still the Finest. The Nodor SupaBull bristle dartboard, endorsed by the American Dart Organization, is a regulation-sized bristle dartboard with a staple-free SupaBull bullseye for maximized scoring. Dense sisal fibers create a self-healing playing surface. The moveable number ring ensures the dartboard will wear evenly, prolonging the playing life. Includes hanging kit.
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