Natural Fitness

PRO Burst Resistant Exercise Ball


  • Use Natural Fitness Burst Resistant Exercise Balls for fitness, core stability, yoga, Pilates and balance exercises.
  • Includes: Exercise Instruction Chart (1) Fast Pump (2) Inflation Plugs (1) Plug Remover
  • Three (3) sizes/diameters vary with color for user height: 55cm- Small (Plum); 65cm- Medium (Olive); 75cm- Large (Slate)
  • Proprietary burst resistant (up to 300lbs) composite for safety; Designed to deflate slowly if punctured
  • Phthalate-free (6P)/Toxic Free, latex-free material to be skin-friendly
Color: Olive

Product Overview

Take crunches, bridges, push ups, squats and planks to the next level by continually engaging your core and back muscles for improved strength and balance. Perfect for rehabbing, warming up and stretching or as a support tool to break plateaus in resistance and HIIT workouts, PRO Burst Resistant Exercise balls employ and fortify the stabilizer muscles needed for functional strength and athletic performance.
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