Tip Scuffer / Shape

SKU: P1827

  • LAND MORE SHOTS - Roughs-up cue tips for better chalk adhesion
  • SHAPE THE TIP - Shaper ensures proper tip radius for consistent play
  • FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - Essential for all levels of play
  • SIMPLE DESIGN - Incredibly easy to use
  • BILLIARDS ESSENTIAL - Essential for every billiards set

Product Overview

Enhance your game with this must-have billiards tool. The Tip Scuffer / Shaper not only roughs up cue tips for superior chalk adhesion, but also features a shaper to maintain the correct tip radius for consistent play. Its simple design makes it incredibly easy to use, appealing to all skill levels from beginners to seasoned professionals. An essential addition to every billiards set, this tool is crucial for players who aim to elevate their game.
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