Olympic Rubber Grip Plates


$5.42 $7.74
  • Sold Individually.
  • Have a triple grip- Safer to grip for load/unload and storage.
  • Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to protect the plates from chipping and rusting and prevent damage to floors and equipment.
  • Integrated stainless steel collar fits any standard Olympic bar and other equipment with 2" posts.
  • Weight Tolerance: +3% / -0; Collar: Stainless Steel, 5cm ID; Durometer of Rubber: 88 Shore A

Product Overview

Rubber coated to be easy to grasp, impact-resistant and to protect equipment, walls and floors, Olympic Grip Plates have accurately measured mass for consistent training and balanced loads. Features integrated metal sleeve and standard 2" holes to smoothly and securely fit on Olympic size bars as well as oversized holes with grip design which allows these weights to be used for handheld exercises.
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