Jack and June

Jungle Gym & Canopy Set


  • JUNGLE GYM & CANOPY – Jack and June now offers our Jungle Gym and Canopy as one set to ensure even more fun and active play outside
  • UV-RESISTENT – Jungle Gym and canopy are both UV-resistant offering a long-lasting way to play
  • STRONG DESIGN – The Jungle Gym is a free-standing structure and includes a canopy with a ventilated shield
  • SAFETY FIRST – The Jungle Gym and canopy are safe to use in different types of weather; the canopy is anti-tearing and has an open spot for children to get in and out. The Jungle Gym has a comfortable and secure grip while climbing
  • INDEPENDENT OUTDOOR SPACE – Create a safe, independent outdoor space for kids with the Jack and June Jungle Gym and Canopy

Product Overview

Jungle gyms are perfect for active outside play; and the textured, molded rocks offer a comfortable, secure grip while climbing and help your children develop strong muscles and coordination. For added fun, this set includes a canopy cover! The canopy can be used for shade when taking a break from climbing, a hiding spot from the outside, or even a camping tent. The options are endless. The Jungle Gym features powder-coated, UV-resistant steel rungs for a durable, long-lasting structure. The structure is free-standing with no need for cement and includes all rungs, hardware, and a manual for super easy installation. The canopy easily attaches to the top of the canopy and safe to use. Check out the extra window on top for you to allow the sun in and allow more air flow, or it can be closed off with a zipper as well for a comfortable, shady spot as well.
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