RAVE Sports

Journey - B Series Stand Up Paddle Board

SKU: 03022

$799.98 $1,099.99
  • 11ft 4in Thermoform molded Touring SUP for commercial and consumer use
  • ABS/Polycarbonate composite for superb durability/impact resistance (GLOSS finish)
  • Molded 14kg EPS foam core
  • Self venting plug and recessed, ergonomic carry handle
  • Includes ONE 9" Molded Polyurethane FLEX™ center fin
Color: Orange

Product Overview

Journey through tough conditions with this tough SUP. Introducing extremely durable SUPs constructed with Polycarbonate Composite (PCX) material combined with a touring-style keel design for the ultimate in steering and tracking. We’ve added layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber to the top, bottom, and side rails to make a super strong, terribly tough outer layer. Inside, we used a standard EPS foam core for a lightweight board offering superior buoyancy. But we weren’t satisfied yet --- we also shaped the keel to cut through wind and waves for the ultimate paddling experience.
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