Jack and June

Bucket Playset Toddler Swing


  • Swing chains are 50” long with the bottom 18” coated in plastisol to prevent pinching
  • Swing attaches to most playset decks up to 9’ high
  • Swing seat is 11” from front-to-back and 10.6” from side-to-side: bucket depth is 12” from the highest point
  • Playset bucket swing comes fully assembled
  • Features a higher back than most bucket swings on the market
Color: Yellow

Product Overview

The Jack and June Ultra-Durable Full Back Bucket Playset Toddler Swing was designed to be the perfect addition to an afternoon with the whole family. Made from durable materials, such as steel and PVC, the Jack and June Bucket Swing is safe for the smallest of backyard adventurers. With a higher back than most bucket swings on the market, ours is the safest option for your playset and offers the extra support that competitors can’t. This swing is fully enclosed and features soft, comfortable plastisol-coated chains for a pinch-free grip.
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