Jack and June

Playset Periscope


  • PLAYSET PERISCOPE — Periscope swivels vertically as well as horizontally so the kiddos can look and explore all around the yard 
  • INCLUDES ALL HARDWARE — All hardware necessary for mounting is included within purchase of periscope, no building required 
  • DIMENSIONS — The periscope designed for our playsets measures out to be 3” x 5” x 12” and weighs approximately 1 lb. 
  • AGE RECOMMENDATIONS — The recommended age for children to use periscope is around 4 to 12 years old 
  • UV-RESISTANT — Periscope is made from durable polyethylene and UV-resistant plastic to endure the weather elements and sun rays to keep it looking brand new for years to come

Product Overview

Let imaginations run wild and add even more to your awesome family playset with the Woodplay Monocular Playset Periscope in Green for Outdoor Playsets. This swiveling periscope will have your children expanding their imagination and exploring the open sea on their very own pirate ship, as it attaches to most outdoor playsets. The material of the periscope is made from durable polyethylene, UV resistant plastic, this periscope is able to endure whatever your young creative mind has in store and the elements that are thrown at it. The swing set periscope can be mounted to any Woodplay playset just like the rest of our accessories.
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