RAVE Sports

Dual Stage Rapid Pump

SKU: 03063

$89.98 $99.99
  • Easy to use: Auto shut off lets you plug it in and walk away; inflates up to 20 PSI in just minutes connected to your vehicle's auxiliary power outlet
  • Convenient: Long power cord and hose lets you inflate next to your vehicle on land or off the back of your boat
  • Fast: Inflates an iSUP in 6.5 minutes or Aqua Dock 10' in 12 minutes! When you're done paddling, simply switch to deflate mode to draw out all the air for quick and easy storage
  • Versatile: Six different standard adaptors fit a variety of inflatable products
  • Smart 12V electric inflator / deflator with LCD pressure monitor to inflate your RAVE Sports iSUP, Aqua Mat™, or Aqua Dock™ in minutes

Product Overview

Smart 12V Electric Inflator / Deflator with LCD pressure monitor for inflatable paddle boards, floating water mats and docks. Package includes everything needed to inflate your favorite water recreation products, including: • Rapid Inflator / Deflator with Dual Stage 12VDC (cigarette lighter) plug • Battery clip adaptor cable for alternative connection directly to 12V auto or marine battery • 6 standard adaptors for both inflating and deflating all your inflatable products • Convenient long (54”) inflation hose • 15’ power cord with cord keeper for easy inflation next to vehicle or boat • Dynamic LCD display of PSI, kPg or • Overheat protection
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