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Diablo III Boat Towable Tube

SKU: 02641

$159.99 $219.99
  • ADVENTURE SEAKERS: The RAVE Sports Diablo III boat towable tube is the perfect ride for 1, 2, or 3 riders or a maximum of 510 lbs.
  • WICKED: Designed with RAVE Sports' Skim-Fast™ bottom, this boat towable tube is sure to have you skim across the water wickedly fast. The low profile tapered design makes for easy boarding.
  • QUICK CONNECTION: Our Quick Connect tow point makes it ultra easy to attach this boat towable to your boat's tow rope.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed with a 28 gauge PVC bladder and covered with a 420 nylon cover, this boat towable tube is built to last. Inflated water tube size is 63" x 71" x 14".
  • COMFORTABLE: 6 foam filled webbing handles set in reinforced neoprene knuckle guards help to prevent chafing while riding the waves on this water tube.

Product Overview

RAVE Sports' Diablo III boat towable tube features a low profile tapered design for easy boarding and added rider stability with built-in centrifugal force deterrents. The Diablo III also features durable construction made out of 28 gauge PVC and 420 nylon cover, 6 foam-filled webbing handles, and a quick connect tow point. This boat towable tube is built for hours of fun on the water! As a contributing member of the USA-based Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA), we design and label our innovative products to adhere to the latest WSIA safety standards. We encourage our customers to be safe and follow proper precautions when using our boat towable tubes. Safety tips can be found here.
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