Jack and June

Adirondack Chair


$119.98 $150
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT — Ergonomic structure allows for rest and relaxation
  • USE IT ANYWHERE — Perfect for patios, decks, backyard, garden, and more
  • BLENDS WITH ANY SETTING — Offered in a lighter grey textured stain, making it neutral for many different settings and backgrounds
  • EASY ASSEMBLY — Easy to assemble and comes with all necessary hardware
  • MADE OF CEDAR —High-quality cedar naturally resistant to insects and water-resistant

Product Overview

When it is time for you to relax, sit back and unwind at the end of a long day, do it in our Jack & June Adirondack Chair. Can you picture yourself relaxing and enjoying a nice hot coffee in winter, or cold coffee in the summer? Or can you imagine yourself watching your kids make memories in the yard while you curl up and read a good book? Whatever the case may be, our Jack & June Adirondack Chair has you covered for the perfect place to sit and do all of those things comfortably and easily. The ergonomic structure is a secure and relaxing place to sit, and the chair has a lighter grey textured stain that allows the Adirondack chair to blend with any different season, setting or background that you might choose to set up around it. This makes it even more perfect to go with any certain seasonal décor you decide to set up in order to bring more life to surrounding areas of the chair. The high-quality cedar is naturally resistant to insects and water, which will prevent the chair from becoming impure. This chair is perfect for patios, decks, backyard, garden, and more, and it also is very easy to assemble, the whole process can be done within minutes, and the chair also includes all of the necessary hardware it takes, making the entire set-up and enjoy process way easier for you to do sooner rather than later. So go ahead, sit back and relax with our Jack & June Adirondack Chair today!
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