RAVE Sports

Bongo 15

SKU: 02012

Color: Blue

Product Overview

The Bongo 15 is the perfect choice for families looking for minimal set-up, portability and a great all around recreational swim platform. The bounce surface is connected directly to the inflatable tube without metal springs so it will last in both fresh water and salt water. Bongos should not be confused with their water trampoline cousin the Aqua Jump Eclipse because they do not have springs. Offered in 4 sizes from 10, 13, 15 and 20 foot options! Easy Set Up On average, setting up a RAVE Sports Bongo Bouncer takes 10 - 30 minutes. Multiple inflation valves are a drag, so we designed the RAVE Sports Bongo Bouncers with only one inflation valve, making it a breeze to inflate. For the fastest, easiest inflation with an optimal bouncing surface, we recommend using our RAVE Sports High Speed Inflator/Deflator (sold separately). Replaceable Jump Surface Accidents happen. That's why it's important to protect your jump surface from things like fireworks around the 4th of July. Don't worry, RAVE Sports has your back. We offer replacement jump surfaces with easy-to-follow instructions included. The nylon interlacing rope connection is also more durable in salt water and rust-prone environments. Reinforced Materials We want our customers to have the best product on the market, so that's why RAVE Sports Water Trampolines and Bongo Water Bouncers are made with the best quality commercial grade materials and engineering capabilities on the market. RAVE Sports products are built to last. Numerous Accessories Keep the fun going! With 10+ additional add-on attachments to choose from, RAVE Sports Water Trampolines and Water Bongo Bouncers are easily customized, with options ranging from RAVE Sports Aqua Launch blob to our Water Whoosh floating mat.
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