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Big Easy Boat Towable Tube

SKU: 03029

  • BIG RIDES: The Big Easy™ Boat Towable Tube for 2 to 4 riders gives thrilling rides with two coach-style seats facing each other for backwards- and forwards-facing rides during whip turns.
  • EASY LIVIN’: When it’s time to relax, tether next to the boat, add a standard 12-can cooler (not included) to the unique center console, and use the four cup holders for tailgating-type fun!
  • COMFORTABLE: Features TWO super-sized couch-style seats with neoprene seat pads and 8 foam-filled handles set into reinforced neoprene patches.
  • DURABLE: Built to last with a heavy-duty nylon UV-stabilized cover, reinforced seams, and a durable 28ga PVC air bladder.
  • HUGE SIZE: Inflated, the Big Easy is 85" x 100" x 29". Recommended for 2 to 4 riders with a maximum weight of 680 lbs (308kg). Product weight: 57 lbs.

Product Overview

NEW! On the Big Easy, life is about big rides and easy livin’! It’s Mardi Gras on the water with big comfy seats, beverage holders and a center cooler console for some good ol’ fashioned summertime fun. When you feel like adding some Cajun spice, tow it behind your boat for a ride like a hurricane. Feel the easy-going spirit and cool vibes on this boat towable tube with a one-of-a-kind design that’s like nothin’ else! When towing, the Big Easy’s sideways coach-style seats provide spicy backwards- and forwards-facing riding experiences during whip turns. (Always hydrate responsibly and remove cooler and beverages before towing.) When lounging on shore or tethered to a dock or boat, the Big Easy will be a magnet to socializing on the water. As a contributing member of the USA-based Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA), we design and label our innovative products to adhere to the latest WSIA safety standards. We encourage our customers to be safe and follow proper precautions when using our boat towable tubes. Safety tips can be found here.
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