Cordura Arm Guard


  • Constructed of durable cordura material
  • Ventilation provides proper air-flow during target practice and out on the hunt
  • Velcro design to ensure a secure but comfortable-fit
  • Adjustable Velcro arm straps
  • Great accessory for any traditional archer using a recurve bow, traditional bow, or longbow

Product Overview

The essential accessory for every archer - the Cordura Archery Arm Guard. Perfectly suited for users of recurve bows, traditional bows, longbows, or compound bows. This arm guard is expertly crafted from durable Cordura fabric, offering unparalleled protection against the snap of the bowstring while minimizing bruises and discomfort. Its adjustable strap ensures a custom fit for archers of all sizes, providing a comfortable, secure feel that accommodates a full range of motion.
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