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Aqua Dock 10 x 10

SKU: 03028


Product Overview

Floating dock. Swim flatform. Party island. Sun deck. Portable flotilla. Water game board. Boat tool bench. Fishing hole stand. In summary … game changer! The Aqua Dock 10 is an all-in-one versatile floating dock that offers 100 square feet of water interaction only limited by your imagination. Extreme rigidity and buoyancy with the highest-grade, tough-as-nails drop-stitch PVC inflated to a 6” thickness able to hold up to 10 adults (max 1,800 lbs). Durable inflatable technology lets you take an Aqua Dock 10 wherever you go. Deflated, folded into thirds, and rolled up like a sleeping bag, it easily stores in an RV or on your boat. Or, with two stainless steel anchor points, you can anchor it on your shoreline for lazy summer days of swimming and lounging. Inflated size - 10’x10’x6” (305cm x 305cm x 15.24cm) Users - 10 adults or 14 children Product weight - 68 lbs (30.8 kg) Required water depth - 4’ (1.2m) Anchor points - 2 Inflation pressure - 5 psi Warranty - Limited lifetime
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