NOVA Electronic Dartboard

SKU: DA9450W

  • GAME MODES - 35 games with 580 variations,
  • ADVANCED FEATURES - Virtual opponent game play, double in/out options, handicap and missed dart features.
  • Top Mounted LED Lighting - LED lights automatically activate when cabinet doors open and shut off when doors close
  • LED SCORING DISPLAY - Dual LED scoring displays with dedicated cricket scoring marks. Scores for up to 8 people for large group play
  • DUAL POWER - Power with AC adapter or 3 AA batteries

Product Overview

Get ready for non-stop darting fun with our NOVA electronic dartboard, boasting 580 game variations across 35 exciting game modes. Enjoy virtual opponent gameplay, double in/out options, handicap and missed dart features for a fully customizable experience. The top-mounted LED lighting system enhances visibility, automatically activating when cabinet doors open and shutting off when closed. The dual LED scoring displays, complete with dedicated cricket scoring marks, track scores for up to eight players for large group play. The set can be powered by either an AC adapter or three AA batteries for convenient portability. The package also includes six soft tip darts with replacement tips.
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