Match Pro Bristle Cabinet Set

SKU: DA8200W

  • OFFICIAL SIZE - 18" x 1.5" ideal dartboard set for recreational and local competitive steel tip play
  • SELF-HEALING SISAL - Made with genuine bristle sisal that repairs itself after darts are removed from the board
  • MODERN STYLE - Attractive woodgrain laminate fits into modern décor
  • DART HOLDERS - Two built in dartholders store darts when not in use
  • LED LIGHTING - Shuts down automatically when the doors open and close

Product Overview

This set not only enhances your gameplay but also adds a touch of modern style to your space. The attractive woodgrain laminate finish seamlessly blends with contemporary décor, creating a visually appealing setup. The dartboard set features convenient dart holders on each door, providing a practical storage solution for your darts when they're not in use, keeping them easily accessible. With the inclusion of LED lighting, the set offers a subtle yet effective feature that automatically shuts down when the doors open and close, adding a touch of sophistication to your dart-playing experience. Additionally, the set includes two chalkboard scoreboards, chalk, and an eraser, enabling you to keep track of your scores in a classic and traditional way. To get you started, the set also comes with six steel tip darts, ensuring you have everything you need for endless hours of dartboard fun. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience with this comprehensive dartboard set, where modern aesthetics meet classic gameplay.
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