Flight Kit

SKU: DA0010W

  • CUSTOMIZE - Personalize your darts to your preference with this 5-set flight kit
  • INCLUDES - 5 sets of precision flights; 4 sets of standard and 1 set of slim.
  • STANDARD FLIGHTS - Maximum surface area allows for a more balanced and stable flight path. They are easier to control and require minimal force to stay airborne for an extended period, making it a popular choice for all throwing styles.
  • SLIM FLIGHTS - Favored by players who throw their darts with a lot of force and speed. The reduced surface area minimizes drag and results in a quicker, more direct path to the board. However, they can be more challenging to control with a lob-style throwing technique. Experienced players appreciate other advantages, such as the ease of forming tighter groupings, resulting in higher scores, fewer bounce-outs, and less damage to their darts.
  • ACCUDART - The original pioneer of tungsten darts in the US, has challenged the status quo for over 50 years. Emerging from the automotive and aerospace industries, Accudart’s commitment to innovation and superior craftsmanship empower darting enthusiasts of all levels to unleash their full potential.

Product Overview

The standard shape flights are the most popular choice for dart players. With their larger surface area, they provide a balanced flight trajectory that is easier to control. These flights stay in flight longer with minimal force and work well for all types of throwing styles, making them a versatile option for players of all skill levels. On the other hand, the slim flights are often preferred by players who throw their darts with power and speed. These flights have a smaller surface area, which reduces drag and allows for a faster, more direct route to the dartboard. While they may be harder to control with a lob style throwing technique, experienced players enjoy the benefits they offer. Slim flights can result in easier formation of tight groupings, leading to higher scoring, fewer bounce-outs, and reduced damage to your darts. With this flight set, you'll have a range of options to choose from, allowing you to experiment with different flight shapes and find the ones that suit your playing style best.
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