Edge Bristle Dartboard

SKU: DA8050W

  • RAZOR THIN SPIDER - Razor thin staple free spider dramatically reduces bounce outs for maximum scoring potential
  • PREMIUM SISAL SURFACE - Imported superior grade Brazilian bristle sisal for a cleaner, longer lasting dartboard.
  • ADVANCED METAL NUMBER RING - High-definition rotatable number ring is easier to see during game play and prolongs the life of your dartboard.
  • INCREASED PLAYING AREA - 2% increased playing area to “25” ring via razor thin spider
  • SUPER THIN BULLSEYE - 14% increased playing area with fewer bounce outs

Product Overview

Featuring a razor-thin staple-free spider, the Edge bristle dartboard ensures minimal bounce outs, granting you maximum scoring potential and unrivaled accuracy. Crafted from premium Brazilian bristle sisal, our superior grade surface guarantees a cleaner and longer-lasting dartboard, elevating your gameplay to new heights. Witness the advanced metal number ring, designed with high-definition clarity for effortless visibility during intense matches, while also extending the lifespan of your dartboard. With an expanded playing area of 2% in the "25" ring and a super-thin bullseye boasting a 14% increase in playing area, you'll enjoy a generous target area and encounter fewer frustrating bounce outs.
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