Classic Bristle Dartboard

SKU: DA8025W

  • OFFICIAL SIZE - 18" x 1.5" ideal dartboard for recreational and local competitive steel tip play
  • SISAL BOARD - Made with genuine bristle sisal that repairs itself after darts are removed from the board
  • STAPLE FREE BULLSEYE - Staple-free bullseye further reduces bounce outs during gameplay and provides higher scoring potential
  • STEEL TIP - Ideal for Steel tip darts
  • Accudart - The original pioneer of tungsten darts in the US, has challenged the status quo for over 50 years. Emerging from the automotive and aerospace industries, Accudart’s commitment to innovation and superior craftsmanship empower darting enthusiasts of all levels to unleash their full potential.

Product Overview

When it comes to recreational and local competitive steel tip play, the Classic Bristle Dartboard stands out as the perfect choice. Designed to official size specifications of 18" x 1.5", this dartboard combines quality craftsmanship with practical features. Crafted from genuine bristle sisal, it possesses the unique ability to repair itself effortlessly after darts have been removed, ensuring long-lasting durability. Notably, the staple-free bullseye takes gameplay to the next level by minimizing bounce outs and maximizing scoring potential. This innovation enhances the overall experience by providing a smoother, more accurate throw.
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