12 Pack Soft Tip Dart Set

SKU: DA1223W

  • 12 PACK - Team pack of 12 steel tip darts for recreational play
  • TEAM COLORS - 4 different colors including white, blue, red, and black
  • STEEL BARRELS - Brass finish barrels provide repeatable throws
  • ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION - Super durable and ideal for replacement pub darts and/or novice players at home
  • MULTI-USE - Perfect dart set for family and recreational fun

Product Overview

Enjoy a team pack of 12 steel tip darts designed for recreational play. This pack includes darts in four different team colors: white, blue, red, and black. The darts feature brass finish barrels, ensuring consistent and repeatable throws. With their one-piece construction, these darts are super durable, making them ideal for replacement pub darts or for novice players enjoying darts at home. Bring together friends and family for hours of safe and enjoyable dart play with this team pack of 12 steel tip darts. With their colorful design, durable construction, and soft tips, these darts are perfect for recreational use and create a fun atmosphere for players of all skill levels.
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