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Basketball Set
Vuly’s best-selling accessory, the Vuly Basketball Set allows players to practice shooting hoops and slam dunks all while bouncing on their Vuly trampolines. Featuring a breakaway, soft-cushion rim, the rim automatically resets after a dunk while keeping the players’ hands safe. Simply connect the set to the top of your trampoline by removing the end cap of the net pole and start playing right with the included mini basketball and inflating pump and needle. The Basketball Set is compatible with all Vuly trampolines and the 360 Swingset (requires an adapter for the 360 Pro sold separately).
  • Vuly's best-selling accessory, the Basketball Set features a breakaway soft-cushion rim
  • Practice shooting hoops and slam dunk all while bouncing on your Vuly trampoline
  • Simply connects to the top of trampoline net pole by removing end cap of net pole
  • Compatible with all Vuly trampolines and swing sets (requires special adapters for the Ultra, Sky Zone, and 360 Pro)
  • Set includes mini basketball and inflating pump and needle