Gray & Black Racket Cover

SKU: T1740

  • This strong vinyl cover protects rackets and increases the tack-life of rubber
  • Oversized design provides easy open/close
  • This spacious cover can hold 1-2 rackets, depending on the size of your rackets
  • Racket cover helps reduce the build up of dust and prolongs life of the paddle
  • Perfect for home use or on the go

Product Overview

The STIGA Racket Cover offers a layer of protection for your table tennis racket. Whether you play table tennis on the go or only use your paddle at home, the durable vinyl cover is designed to guard the racket from damage. Using a racket cover decreases the build-up of dust on the face of your paddle and increases the tack life of the rubber. The oversized design of the STIGA racket cover allows for easy opening and closing, and depending on the size of your rackets, can hold 1-2 rackets.
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