C1 Pro Half Rack


$451.49 $644.99
  • Perfect for Olympic Weight Lifters and the Functional Training athletes
  • Great for low ceiling and cramped training areas like garages and basements
  • Includes Fat Grip Pull Up Bar; Adjustable width Neutral Grip; Skinny Bar Handles; (2) J-Hooks; (2) 16" Reinforced Spotter Arms; (6) Olympic/Bumper Plate Storage Posts; (2) Vertical Olympic Bar Sleeves
  • SIZE: Height: 86.5''; Depth: 49 - 1/2''; Footprint: 49" x 49 - 1/2"; Weight of Configured Rack: 164LB
  • Pull Up Bars- Cross bar is a 2" fat pull up bar; includes 2 adjustable width neutral grip and skinny grip pull up bars.
Color: Black/Red

Product Overview

The Lifeline C1 Half Rack is perfect for Olympic WeightLifters and the Functional Training athlete who are looking for a home gym solution. It is perfect for low ceiling and cramped training areas like garages and basements; the C1 Half Rack can be the focal point of your home gym area, allowing all the other strength products and functional training tools to work off or around it. The C1 Half Rack is built using heavy duty 2''D x 3''W, 11-gauge steel framing with a floor mount base support designed to add stability; it has been tested to hold over 1,000lbs. The C1 Half Rack measures 86.5'' tall and has a 49 1/2'' x 49'' overall footprint; this provides enough inside depth for fitting a bench. We have included 28 numbered upright positions for optimal visibility and adjustment during your workout.
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