Steel 300 Dart Set

SKU: D71814

  • High-quality, recreational dart set from Unicorn - the world-leading brand in darts
  • Tips: (3) steel tips designed for use with bristle or paper dartboards
  • Barrels: (3) 20gm rubberized steel barrels allow for enhanced grip
  • Flights and Shafts: (6) polyester flights, (3) gripper shafts, and (3) XL shafts
  • Includes Unicorn Slimline hard darts case and (8) flight protectors

Product Overview

Experience the same high-quality dart equipment chosen by professionals in your own home. Unicorn, the world-leading darting brand, offers an entry-level dart set for recreational players. The Unicorn Steel 300 set includes (3) steel tips best used on a bristle or paper dartboard, (3) 20gm rubberized steel barrels for enhanced grip when throwing, (3) gripper shafts and (3) XL shafts to suit any throwing preference, (3) black and white polyester flights for true flight, and eight flight protectors to prevent splintering from other throws. After playing, conveniently store and transport the dart set in the Unicorn slimline hard darts case. Improve your skill and refine your throw with the Unicorn Steel 300 Dart Set from the world-wide leader in darting.
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