Steel Tip 4.0 Dart Set

SKU: DA4000W

  • TUNGSTEEL BARREL - Uniquely crafted deluxe tungsteel construction barrels include steel tip points ideal for play on bristle dartboards.
  • HYBRID GRIP - The 17-gram Tungsteel barrel provides a smoother grip with grooved rings for a more balanced approach to controlling the dart. The barrel features round grooves for consistent, yet comfortable grip, leading to increased accuracy and precision.
  • POLYCARBONATE SHAFTS - Durable shafts with spring clips to tighten down flights, securely attaching to the shaft.
  • COMPLETE SET - Includes two sets of shafts, one set of flights, and one set of flight protectors, providing a complete and comprehensive package for any level of player.
  • POCKET WALLET - The pocket wallet offers convenient and portable storage, protecting the darts during transport.

Product Overview

The 17-gram set with Tungsteel Barrel provides a smooth barrel with round grooves, offering a balanced approach to control over the dart. These round grooves ensure a consistent and comfortable grip, leading to increased accuracy and precision in your throws. The set includes durable polycarbonate shafts with spring clips that securely tighten down flights, ensuring a stable and secure attachment. Enjoy a complete set that includes two sets of shafts, one set of flights, and one set of flight protectors. This comprehensive package caters to players of any level, providing all the necessary components for a complete darting experience. Transport and protect your darts with the included pocket wallet. This compact and portable case offers convenient storage, safeguarding your darts during transport. Experience balanced flight, drag, and speed with the standard shape flights included in the set. These flights ensure consistent and reliable flight performance, enhancing your overall darting performance.
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