Steel Tip 1.0 Dart Set

SKU: DA1000W

  • NICKEL-PLATED STEEL BARREL - 16-gram set includes steel tip points ideal for play on bristle dartboards
  • KNURLED PATTERNED GRIP - Provides consistent grip through the entire barrel
  • POLYCARBONATE SHAFT - Durable shafts with spring clips to tighten down flights, securely attaching to the shaft
  • STANDARD SHAPE FLIGHTS - Provides balanced flight, drag and speed
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - Ideal set for players just learning to explore the game of darts

Product Overview

Elevate your dart game with Accudart Steel Tip 1.0. This dart is engineered to develop your game, boasting a weight of 16 grams and a knurled patterned grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold. Its high-quality construction features a polycarbonate shaft and a steel tip, ensuring remarkable durability and resilience, making it a top choice for beginners.
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