50 Pack Replacement Soft Tips

SKU: DA0001W

  • REPLACEMENT TIPS - 50 high-quality 2BA thread replacement tips for soft-tip darts
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - In each set of 50, you get 20 black, 15 red and 15 tips in white so you can customize your dart set
  • ELECTRONIC DARTBOARDS - Designed for use on electronic dartboards
  • ACCUDART - In 1947, emerging from the automotive and aerospace industries, Accudart began its flight as the trailblazer of darts in the US. Accudart’s world-class innovation and superior craftmanship empower darting pros, enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Product Overview

Replace worn out or missing soft tip dart tips with this exceptional set of 50 high-quality 2BA thread replacement tips. Crafted with precision, these replacement tips are perfect for enhancing your dart throwing experience. With 20 sleek black tips, 15 vibrant red tips, and 15 pristine white tips, you have the freedom to personalize your dart set according to your style and preference. Mix and match the colors to create a visually striking combination that reflects your unique flair. Designed specifically for electronic dartboards
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