Trainer Cable


  • Changeable resistance levels to prevent fitness plateaus ((Purple 20lbs, pink 30lbs, orange 50lbs, red 60lbs, yellow 70lbs, blue 90bs, black 100lbs)
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to portable and lightweight design
  • Great for high intensity training thanks to quick addition/removal of cables
  • 1 Removable cable per handle for variable resistance
  • Flexible, rotating handle allows for full range of motion and ergonomic rotation

Product Overview

Use at home or at the gym, with a partner or solo to build strength and flexibility using the unique cable pockets that allow for quick interchange of cables and countless resistance levels. The cable pocket design means it is easy to change resistance levels to target different muscles and progressively and effectively rehab injuries as strength increases. Plus, because each handle acts independently of the other it equals out muscle imbalances and improves coordination and balance.
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