Jack and June

Playset Belt Swing


  • INCLUDES - One belt swing fully assembled with a belt seat and plastic-coated swing chains – Seat and plastic coating come in 3 different colors
  • BELT SWING MEASUREMENTS - Swing chains are 80 inches in length; the bottom 25 inches are coated in green plastisol for a soft, comfortable grip
  • ATTACHES TO BEAMS UP TO 9 FEET TALL - Swing seat measures 26 inches long and 5.5 inches wide and attaches to most swing beams up to 9’ tall
  • PROTECTIVE COATING - Swing chains are made from steel and coated in zinc for rust resistance
  • HEAVY-DUTY BELT SWING - Designed for children but strong enough for adults with a weight limit of 630 lbs. (When properly installed to a correspondingly strong beam.)
Color: Yellow

Product Overview

Jack and June’s Playset Belt Swing is the perfect addition to any backyard play set. Buy it as a replacement swing so your set no longer misses a key component. Or, add it to an existing set so the whole family can join in on the fun. Jack and June’s Belt Swing comes fully assembled with 80 inches of zinc-coated coil swing chains. The bottom 25 inches of the chain are coated in green plastisol for a soft, comfortable grip that won’t pinch even the smallest of hands. With a weight limit of 630 lbs., our heavy-duty, belt swing is designed for children, but strong enough for adults.
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