DURA Fast-40 Pickleballs


  • ENGINEERED FOR CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY — Developed specifically for the game of Pickleball with a patented 40-hole design keeping it the official ball of the Pickleball Canada Tour
  • TOP PERFORMANCE PICKLEBALL — Dura balls are a one-piece design built to perform and withstand all different types of competitive pickleball play
  • FASTEST BALL — Dura balls are the fastest ball made in the sport of pickleball making it the pros preferred ball in all pickleball play
  • TRUE FLIGHT – Made with large and small holes for true flight during outdoor play and is a roto-molded (hollow) design for precise manufacturing
  • TWO AVAILABLE COLORS — Your choice of two different colors of the most preferred and fastest pickleball on the market – neon and yellow
Color: Yellow

Product Overview

The ONIX Dura-Fast 40 pickleballs are the top pickleball balls on the market and are specifically developed for the game. Patented with a 40-hole design, Dura pickleballs are made with large and small holes throughout for true flight and a roto-molded/hollow design for precise manufacturing. Dura balls are the official ball of the Pickleball Canada Tour, and each ball is made to exact standards as a seamless one-piece ball before our hole pattern is machined into it. Each ball is made to withstand all types of competitive pickleball play and built to be the fastest pickleball on the market, making it the preferred choice for the pro players. The attention to detail in this process creates the longest lasting, highest quality pickleball on the market today. Choose from two different colors – neon or yellow.
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