Tune Up Kit

SKU: DA0020W

  • PREMIUM FLIGHTS - 6 flight sets including 4 standard poly-flight sets for balanced trajectory and 2 slim poly-flight sets for a faster dart.
  • 8 FLIGHT PROTECTORS - Designed to prolong the life of your flights. Provides a protective shield on the back of your dart flights from incoming darts.
  • 9 SPRING CLIPS - Designed to help keep dart flights firmly attached to your dart shafts so they do not fly off during game play.
  • 3 O-RINGS - Rubber O-ring shaped gaskets designed for the bottom thread of aluminum shafts maintain a tight fit to the dart barrels and don't come loose during game play.  Also includes dart tool making tigtening and inserting accessories a breeze.
  • 9 STANDARD SHAFTS - Includes short polycarbonate, and medium polycarbonate to best suit your throwing style.  | 3 SPIN SHAFTS - Aluminum top spin shafts firmly hold flights and rotate to help form tighter groupings. | 3 ALUMINUM SHAFTS - Durable, aluminum alloy dart shafts in anodized silver. Pairs well with any barrel and flight.

Product Overview

Upgrade your darting experience with this comprehensive dart accessory set. It includes premium flights with 6 flight sets for balanced trajectory and faster darts. The set also includes flight protectors for prolonged flight life, spring clips for secure flight attachment, and O-rings for a tight fit on aluminum shafts. In addition, you'll find 9 standard shafts in various sizes, allowing you to fine-tune your throwing style. The set also includes 3 spin shafts for tighter groupings and 3 durable anodized silver aluminum shafts that pair well with any barrel and flight combination. To make adjustments and installations easier, the set includes a multi-function dart tool that simplifies tightening and inserting accessories. Elevate your dart game with this all-inclusive accessory set and enjoy improved performance and convenience with every throw.
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