STL 7.5 Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

SKU: DA7500W

  • 90% TUNGSTEN BARREL - The 90% tungsten barrel allows for a heavier weight dart while enabling slimmer barrels and tighter groupings compared to other metals.
  • UNIQUE GRIP - The barrel features a bi-directional cut pattern for a truly unique yet consistent grip throughout the barrel. Paired with an ultra-dense 90% tungsten composition and fine craftsmanship, it will help navigate tight groupings and maximize scoring potential.
  • PRO WALLET - The pro wallet offers convenient and portable storage, protecting the darts during transport.
  • STANDARD SHAPE FLIGHTS - Provides balanced flight, drag and speed.
  • POLYCARBONATE SHAFTS - Durable shafts with spring clips to tighten down flights, securely attaching to the shaft

Product Overview

A dart set made for those who seek tournament-style games and wish to ramp up the competition – the STL 7.5 90% Tungsten Barrel Dart Set. Crafted with utmost expertise, these darts offer a winning combination of weight, balance, and finesse. The 90% tungsten composition allows for a heavier dart without sacrificing slimness, resulting in tighter groupings and enhanced accuracy compared to other metals. The barrel's bi-directional cut pattern ensures a unique yet consistent grip, enabling players to navigate the board with confidence and maximize their scoring potential. To top it off, the set comes with a pro wallet for convenient and secure storage during transport. The darts are complemented by standard shape flights that deliver balanced flight, drag, and speed, and durable polycarbonate shafts with spring clips, ensuring a secure attachment of the flights.
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