Steel Tip 2.0 Dart Set

SKU: DA2000W

  • STAINLESS STEEL FINISH BARREL - 16-gram dart set includes steel tip points ideal for play on bristle dartboards
  • RADIAL GROOVES - These 16-gram darts feature a smooth, stainless steel barrel with a blend of attractive painted grooved rings and thin radial cut rings for a balanced grip. The barrel gives the player various grip option points to choose from.
  • POLYCARBONATE SHAFT - Durable shafts with spring clips to tighten down flights, securely attaching to the shaft
  • STANDARD SHAPE FLIGHTS - Provides balanced flight, drag and speed
  • TRI-FOLD CASE - Unique tri-fold design allows for convenient front or back entry with ample storage for your barrels, flights, and shafts.

Product Overview

The Accudart Steel Tip 2.0 16-gram darts boast a smooth stainless-steel barrel with a combination of attractive painted grooved rings and thin radial cut rings. The radial grooves provide a balanced grip, offering various grip options for players to choose from. The set includes durable polycarbonate shafts with spring clips that securely tighten down flights, ensuring a stable and secure attachment. This feature eliminates concerns of flights coming loose during gameplay, allowing you to focus on your game without interruptions. Enjoy balanced flight, drag, and speed with the standard shape flights included in the set. These flights provide reliable and consistent flight performance, enhancing your dart throwing experience. For convenient storage and transportation, the set comes with a unique tri-fold case. Its design allows for easy front or back entry, and it provides ample storage space for your barrels, flights, and shafts. Keep your dart components organized and protected with this versatile case.
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