Soft Tip 3.0 Dart Set

SKU: DA3500W

  • GUNMETAL FINISH STEEL BARREL - Includes soft tip points ideal for play on soft tip electronic dartboards
  • HYBRID GRIP - Unique combination of sharkfin max grip pattern and painted grooves
  • POLYCARBONATE SHAFTS - Durable shafts with spring clips to tighten down flights, securely attaching to the shaft
  • STANDARD SHAPE FLIGHTS - Provides balanced flight, drag and speed
  • DROP IN CASE – STORES FULLY ASSEMBLED DARTS - This unique case allows the quickest and easiest way to stow darts after the match. Simply drop the darts into the case chamber and you're done

Product Overview

Enhance your dart game with this sleek 17-gram gunmetal finish steel barrel dart set, featuring soft tip points for soft tip electronic dartboards. Enjoy a unique hybrid grip that combines a sharkfin max grip pattern with painted grooves, providing superior control. The durable polycarbonate shafts with spring clips ensure secure attachment, while the standard shape flights offer balanced flight performance. Store your fully assembled darts effortlessly with the convenient drop-in case. This complete set includes shafts, flights, and flight protectors for a comprehensive darting experience.
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