Rival Bristle Dartboard

SKU: DA8000W

  • OFFICIAL SIZE - 18" x 1.5" ideal dartboard for recreational and local competitive steel tip play
  • ROTATABLE METAL NUMBER RING - Prolongs the life of the dartboard
  • ROUND SPIDER WIRES - Allow darts to glide off the wire into the board, reducing bounce outs.
  • SELF-HEALING SISAL - Made with genuine bristle sisal that repairs itself after darts are removed from the board
  • STAPLE-FREE BULLSEYE - Further reduces bounce outs during gameplay and provides higher scoring potential

Product Overview

The Rival boasts an impressive array of unique features that truly set it apart. Its rotatable metal number ring is not only a stylish addition but also a practical one, as it significantly prolongs the dartboard's life, ensuring countless hours of bullseyes. Say goodbye to frustrating bounce outs, thanks to the meticulously crafted round spider wires that allow darts to effortlessly glide off the wire and onto the board, increasing accuracy and reducing interruptions in gameplay. Crafted with self-healing sisal, this dartboard showcases genuine bristle sisal fibers that possess the ability to repair themselves after darts have been removed, maintaining a pristine playing surface for years to come. And let's not forget about the staple-free bullseye, a true game-changer that not only further diminishes the occurrence of bounce outs but also unlocks higher scoring potential, fueling your competitive spirit like never before.
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