Pro Grade 100 Micron Dart Flights

SKU: DA0003W

  • 100 MICRON PREMIUM - Serious dart players often choose 100-micron flights for their versatility, thickness, and durability. These flights can flex when incoming darts strike them, aiding in tight groupings. Flights thicker than 100 microns may be too sturdy and deflect incoming darts, hindering scoring.
  • VARIATIONS - Upgrade your darts with these red, white or black flights (randomized selection)
  • COMPATIBILITY - Ideal for steel or soft tip darts
  • INCLUDED - Set of 3 pro grade dart flights for advanced gameplay
  • ACCUDART - The original pioneer of tungsten darts in the US, has challenged the status quo for over 50 years. Emerging from the automotive and aerospace industries, Accudart’s commitment to innovation and superior craftsmanship empower darting enthusiasts of all levels to unleash their full potential.

Product Overview

Take to the skies with the Pro Grade Dart Flights from Accudart. These ultra durable, 100-micron flights are preferred by serious darting enthusiasts for their superior handling and flexibility. Upgrade any of your steel or soft tip darts with these performance flights. Each set includes a randomized color of white, black, or red 3 Pro Grade Dart Flights so you can start darting like a pro.
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